Exceptional Irish Spirits

Six Generations and
170 Years In The Making

For over 170 years our family have crafted exceptional Irish spirits
on the shores of Galway Bay

Micil Distillery is named in honour of our great-great-great grandfather, Micil Mac Chearra, who began distilling poitín in 1848 on a Connemara hillside. For six generations and over 170 years our family have preserved the craft, distilling extraordinary spirits made using family recipes, craft knowledge and time-honoured techniques.

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New Release:
Madeira Island Irish Whiskey

New and Exclusive Release of Madeira Island Irish Whiskey is now available to purchase. 

New Limited Release: Micil Irish Poitín Saothrú Edition

Our Saothrú Edition Poitíns are limited to less than 100 bottles of each batch, and are only available through our distillery or our online shop.

Our Spirits


Our Distillery

Micil Distillery is located  on the Wild Atlantic Way in Salthill village. We opened our doors in 2016, becoming Galway’s first legal distillery in over 100 years. We produce a range of extraordinary Irish spirits, carefully handcrafted using local botanicals, unique family recipes, and six generations of distilling knowhow.

Mix it Up!

Our Spirits were made to be enjoyed! Simply sip them neat, over ice, or add an Irish twist to your favourite cocktail with one of our recipe suggestions.

Own a Micil Distillery Cask

Join Our Story -
Own a Síolta Mhicil Cask

Síolta Mhicil translates as ‘the Seeds of Micil’, though a more poetic translation (and one we prefer) is ‘Micil’s Beginnings’. Our Síolta Mhicil cask offering is not only a chance to invest in a cask of Galway distilling history – it’s a unique opportunity to acquire ownership of a one-off batch of extraordinary Irish whiskey.