Síolta Mhicil Cask Ownership Offering

All great whiskey starts with great grain, and all great grain starts with a seed. Síolta Mhicil translates as ‘the Seeds of Micil’, though a more poetic translation (and one we prefer) is ‘Micil’s Beginnings’. We are offering a limited number of only 240 of the Síolta Mhicil 50L casks, with a choice of three unique mash bills and five distinct cask types, yielding approximately 90 bottles per member.

Limited to only 240 Casks

Taste of Connemara Glass

A Unique Opportunity

The Síolta Mhicil cask offering is a unique opportunity to acquire ownership of a one-off batch of extraordinary Irish whiskey, brewed using 100% Irish grain and distilled by hand in our small copper pot still. Síolta Mhicil members will be entitled to exclusive priority perks, and will have unrivalled access to our distillery team.

Ownership Benefits Include...


You'll get to meet our head distiller and choose your cask type and mash bill. You'll have the opportunity to taste samples of all three mash bills, and we'll help recommend a style and finish to suit your personal tastes.

50L Fully
Personalised Cask

A 50L cask of Síolta Mhicíl whiskey, chosen from one of three distinct mash bills and five separate cask types, and personalised to you.

Bottling Flexibility

Upon maturation we will bottle your whiskey (at a small cost) with custom Síolta Mhicíl labels, hand-numbered and signed by the distiller. You may choose to bottle at our standard 46%, or at natural cask strength.


From grain to glass, you’ll have the benefit of advice and assistance from an assigned member of our team throughout.


You'll receive a further private sampling and consultation as your whiskey nears the four-year-old mark, and will be given advice on bottling options.

Storage and

Four years' storage and insurance in one of our bonded warehouses.

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