Poitín – The Original Spirit of Ireland

Poitín is Ireland’s original spirit and the precursor to modern-day whiskey. Prior to cask aging, poitín and whiskey were essentially the same spirit, separated only by the buying of a license. Banned for over 200 years by a foreign parliament, poitín was traditionally distilled from malted grains such as barley, oats, wheat and rye, using whatever was available locally or in season at the time. The word poitín means ‘small pot’ in Irish, and refers to the small pot-still commonly used by illicit distillers.


Micil Irish Poitín

44% ABV 500ML

A spicy, full-flavoured poitín made to an original family recipe, distilled using 100% Irish malted barley and a local Connemara botanical known as bogbean.

Exceptional Because

Distilled in our hybrid copper pot still, the spirit cuts are made through sensory analysis alone, giving an incredibly refined spirit.

Tasting Notes

Warm honey spice with vibrant fruits, distinct malt character, balancing floral notes and an elegant velvety texture.

Micil Heritage Poitín

46% ABV 500ML

A celebration of the finest Connemara poitín of the past. Made using 100% Irish malted barley and oats, peated using turf from our family land in Inverin. Gold Medal Winner in the Grain Spirit category at the 2022 World Drinks Awards.

Exceptional Because

Produced using 80% barley and 20% oats, both malted and peated. The oats add significant texture, fruit character, and warming spice.

Tasting Notes

Warm, sweet and fruity with balanced nutty character and gentle peat smoke throughout. Vibrant and aromatic with distinct texture.