Inverin Irish Coffee

Irish Whiskey


35.5ml Micil Inverin Small Batch

10ml Demerara Syrup

Freshly Brewed Coffee

Light Whipped Cream


Hot Cocktail.

Heat your chosen glass, not too big, not too small, by filling with hot water and stirring, then empty the glass again. Add your Inverin whiskey, syrup & coffee, leaving space for the cream float. Pour your lightly whipped cream over a spoon to allow it to float on top of the cocktail.

For best results, lightly whip cream in a cocktail or protein shaker until it is just heavier than its natural liquid state – it should still flow from the shaker.

Inverin Irish Coffee Micil Distillery Cocktail with Micil Inverin Small Batch Whiskey

Micil Inverin Small Batch

46% ABV 700ML

A five-part peated blend with a triple cask finish that embodies the fruity spice of the finest Connemara ‘fuisce’ and the peat smoke of the illicit stills and kilns of Inverin.

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