Micil Madeira Island Cask Strength: Batch 01/23

57.8% ABV 700ml

Limited to only 257 Bottles

Using the same Single Pot Still components that made up Micil Madeira Island Batch 01/23, this was bottled at natural cask strength with no chill filtration and has all natural colour.

Tasting Notes

Micil Madeira Island Cask Strength Batch 01/23 has light sweet peat smoke surrounded by citrus peels and distinct spice notes like cinnamon, clove oils and nutmeg. Textural and flavoursome with candied orange sweets, milk chocolate, and undertones of grapefruit, apricots and nutty pot still spices is bold and spiceful with a fruity, sweet backbone. Ripe red berries, liquorice and clove are enveloped by rhubarb crumble, marzipan, vanilla sweetness and spiced chocolate flakes to finish.


Limit of 3 bottles max per customer




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