Síolta Mhicil

Cask Ownership Offering

3 Unique Mash Bills (Recipes)

5 Distinct Cask Types

240 Casks

All great whiskey starts with great grain, and all great grain starts with a seed. Síolta Mhicil translates as The Seeds of Micil, though a more poetic translation (and one we prefer) is Micil’s Beginnings. The Síolta Mhicil cask offering is much more than a chance to own a piece of distilling history. It’s an opportunity to support us now, at the beginning of our journey home to Connemara.

Mash Bills & Casks

We are offering a limited number of only 240 of the Síolta Mhicil casks, with a choice of three unique mash bills and five distinct cask types, giving a highly-customisable 60 to 90 bottles per member.

Benefits & Pricing

On becoming a Síolta Mhicil member you’ll be entitled to certain exclusive priority perks and you’ll have unrivalled access to our distillery & team.


The Síolta Mhicil cask offering is a unique opportunity to acquire ownership of a one-off batch of extraordinary Irish whiskey, brewed
and distilled by hand using only 100% Irish grain, time-honoured techniques, and our small copper pot still. If you’re a like-minded individual who shares our values and vision, then please get in touch. It’s a chance to be a part of something truly special, something real; to join a community that values quality over quantity, and people over profit. With your invaluable support our vision for Micil can come to life.
Síolta Mhicil is all about new beginnings for Micil, and our real journey begins here. Your investment will help us create a legacy that really matters, as we forge a piece of Irish whiskey history together.

Join us now by getting in touch at siolta@micil.ie, or by calling our cask specialist Mark McLaughlin at +353 (0)89-6176138.


Register your Interest

To register your interest, fill out the form below and our Síolta Mhicil Cask Manager will be in touch in the following days.